About Home Elevators

A home elevator is an affordable accessibility solution that will provide lasting market value to your home and allow you to age in place! It is an alternative to a stairlift and can match the design of your home. The home elevators we sell are installed and serviced by our very own experienced technicians.

To The Top Home Elevators has offers a variety of home elevator models from some of the top elevator manufacturers. We offer many traditional home elevator models as well as a newer style home elevator model known as the “through the floor elevator”. The traditional home elevators use a hydraulic, winding drum, geared counterweight, or gearless counterweight drive system and can travel up to 50 feet. Each of these lift systems will require hoistway construction. The “through the floor” elevator is a two-stop elevator that uses a self-contained hydraulic system. This type of home elevator travels on a rail with no need for a hoistway, making it a perfect choice for an existing home. Each of these models are also equipped with a number of safety features.

Home Elevator Style & Design Options:

There are a number of style options available for you to design a home elevator that will fit in with the décor of your home. For all of the traditional elevator models we offer (does not include the “through the floor” model), you will be able to select the cab design, cab size, cab color, control panel finish style, handrail style and gate style. The door that comes with a traditional home elevator is a swing style door, which can be matched with the style of the other doors in your home. There is also an option to add automatic sliding doors on a some of the elevator models we sell.


For more information about home elevators, please download our home elevator brochure or give us a call @ 847-215-9490. We will make sure that you find an elevator that best fits your needs and matches your home décor.  


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About Home Elevators

Home Elevators


Our new elevator is up and running! It was helpful to ride the showroom elevator first so that we understood what a home elevator was. You were great to work with and we are thrilled.

To The Top Home Elevators was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of residential elevators. It was our first time integrating an elevator into an existing home. They coordinated with our architect and supported our general contractor throughout the building process. Our clients were so thrilled with their elevator that we plan to incorporate elevators into more of our home designs.

From our first phone call to the office, To The Top was with us on every step! They worked with our architect and contractor throughout the planning phase and gave us design options to make the elevator blended in with our home’s décor.

We highly recommend EHLS’ consulting and contracting services to make your home or place of work accessible. EHLS is qualified, professional and creative. Without exaggeration, EHLS is one of the best companies we have had the opportunity to work with.

My whole experience with your company was trusting and a pleasure.

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