Commercial LU/LA Elevator Features

For your low-rise office or other public building, our commercial LU/LA elevator, features a commercial elevator feel without the price. The high-efficiency hydraulic drive system provides the ultimate smooth, quiet ride for passengers, and the automatic sliding stainless steel doors deliver the modern, sleek look of a standard commercial elevator.


Built for commercial low-rise buildings with features that you would find in a commercial high-rise elevator, the LULA is the perfect choice for:

  • Capacity: up to 1,400 pounds
  • Travel: up to 25 feet
  • Travel speed: 30 feet per minute
  • Stainless steel or brass control panel and call stations
  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Digital floor indicators
  • 36” wide doors
  • Cab size: up to 18 square feet
  • Fire rated steel panel cab
  • Emergency battery back-up for lowering
  • Emergency interior lighting
  • Emergency stop and alarm buttons

Now you can maximize space while providing complete accessibility to your facility. Call us at (847) 215-9490 for a free on-site assessment.

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Commercial LU/LA Elevators


My whole experience with your company was trusting and a pleasure.

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EHLS saved my business. There are no words for how amazing Steve, Becky, and Alex were during the ordering, installation, and inspection phase of the installation of our vertical platform lift. Very well planned and executed. I’m really grateful everything they did. We were completely scr?w*d over by another elevator company, and EHLS saved the day on time, on budget, with a smile. Thank you from everyone at Smiling Patient Dental Care!!!

My whole experience with your company was trusting and a pleasure.

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