You can easily find a lot of information (thank you, Google) about a ceiling mounted lift system that tout all of the features and benefits, but rarely do they answer the question; do I really need one?



To answer this question, you need to focus on the client’s mobility goals. In order to do this, you need to start with an assessment of their current level of ability. Next, you need to factor in any changes to this level that are likely to occur over time. Finally, you need to consider the level of ability the caregiver is able to provide and assess this level of functionality over time.
This is where the client’s doctors and therapists come in. Occupational therapists in particular, are trained to evaluate a client’s level of functionality in an area they call Adult Daily Living Skills. Armed with this information, it is much easier to make decisions on which type of equipment is best suited for the client’s needs and what level of benefit this equipment will provide.

At EHLS, we work closely with the client and their family as well as review the recommendations of doctors and therapists in planning the solution that best meets the client’s needs. This sounds expensive, and it can be. But too often, client’s and their families make cost is the primary consideration above all else – creating a potentially dangerous situation where the affordable, but wrong, solution is chosen over the correct one.

A great example of this is choosing a floor mounted lift system (Hoyertm) instead of a ceiling mounted track system. While it’s true they cost less, many people find that they are difficult use because they transfer the client’s weight to three small casters that need to roll over the floor of the client’s home. These castors may roll fairly well on hard surfaces, but on carpet, or over thresholds? Not so much.

An overhead system essentially takes the client’s weight out of the equation and transfers it to a specially designed track and trolley that has extremely low rolling resistance over the entire length of the track.
Ceiling mounted systems can also be customized to fit the client’s exact requirements from simple to complex including moving from room to room or to multiple locations in one room. Our goal at EHLS is to factor all of the client’s needs, abilities, and budget into account when designing a solution to meet their needs.