An old saying that still rings true today. Your home really is where your heart is – where your family was raised, friendships nurtured, and memories made.

Unfortunately, with age, decreased mobility or illness may mean that the home that you love now poses some difficulties. Maybe arthritis makes the faucets a little difficult to turn. Maybe you don’t feel as steady in the shower and are afraid of a fall when no one is around. Perhaps the stairs are not just difficult to climb, but dangerous if you should slip.

Your family members are concerned about your safety, which is understandable, and they may already be considering alternatives to your living situation. But with a little help, you can put their minds at ease, keep your independence, and stay in the home you love.

A Certified Aging in Place Specialist is someone that will help you to find ways to continue to live in your home while remaining safe and comfortable. With today’s technology, home health and senior care organizations, and a few home modifications, you will be able to easily “age in place.”


It is unfortunate that most people are not aware of all the options available to them. From simple to complex, there are a wide range of modifications that can make your life more comfortable. Bathroom modifications can range from simple grab bars in the shower/tub area and new faucets that are easier to turn on, to complete remodels for wheelchair access. Stairs can have tread strips added to eliminate the chance of slipping. Kitchen counters and cabinets can be made to accommodate wheelchair access. Even a dumbwaiter can make transporting laundry, groceries or heavy items from one floor to another much easier. And for more complex or long-term solutions, there are a wide range of available options from wheelchair lifts to home elevators.

In some instances, home modifications can be made on a short-term or temporary basis. Following surgery or an accident, you may need temporary assistance in your home while recovering. A portable ramp can be used to get up a step until you are back “on your feet” (literally!). Some surgeries may require a lengthy period of recuperation; for example, a knee replacement may require several months where you will not be able to use the stairs. Rather than staying in someone else’s home or a rehabilitation facility, a chair lift can also be rented for a period of time, allowing you to easily “ride” up and down the stairs in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever the need, there are solutions that can both keep you safe and comfortable, and provide your family and those that care about you with peace of mind. A Certified Aging in Place Specialist is dedicated to providing you with the quality of life that you deserve in the home that you love.