Wessex Through Floor Home Elevator – Chicagoland Area

  • To The Top Home Elevators is proud to offer Wessex thru floor home elevators for the greater Chicagoland area, Northwest Indiana, and Southeast Wisconsin.
  • The Wessex through floor home elevator is modern designed shaft less residential elevator that is built for safety and flexibility in your home.
  • It is a two-stop elevator that travels up to 11.6 feet and is available in four different sizes: small, standard, large and extra-large.
  • Its free-standing design does not require a load bearing wall or a hoistway, allowing you to save money on construction costs.
  • The platform of the elevator cab will match your floor when it is fully down, and ceiling when it is fully up

A Wessex through floor home elevator will allow you to keep your independence and stay safe in your home. For more information or a free consultation, please call us @ 847-215-9490, or fill out the form below.

Wessex advanced design offers the following features and options:

Wessex Through Floor Home Elevator Four Car Sizes (w x l)

  • 30 ½” x 23″ (VE 15, VE 25)
  • 28 9/16″ x 45 ½” (VE 31, VE 51)
  • 30 ½” X 47 7/16″ (VE 36, VE 56)
  • 34 13/16″ X 54 1/8″ (VE 38, VE 58)


  • Weight capacity for all models is 550 lbs.
  • Bright LED, timer-controlled lights are activated automatically by the operation of the elevator and shut off after a pre-set time
  • Emergency back-up systems operate the door, light and alarm, and lower the elevator to the floor in case of a power failure.
  • Free standing track allows for a wider choice of elevator locations in the home
  • Audible two-tone alarm with battery back-up is fitted as standard for use in an emergency
  • Elevator safety edges feature will automatically stop the elevator if it is touched or obstructed.
  • Car door and elevator controls can be left or right handed to accommodate the user
  • Sensors built in platform to prevent operation if obstructed
  • Wireless landing controls
  • Telephone
  • Controls can be on the right or left to suit the user


  • Wall filler-panels are available to install behind the elevator track if the elevator if located far from a wall.
  • Car-mounted fold-down seat option available on all models
  • Hand rails are standard on the VE15 and VE25 models. Hand rails available as an optional extra on all other models
  • Power car door option. (Not available with the VE 15 & 25 models)

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Wessex Through Floor Home Elevator

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